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Aleeca, Bell | Assistant Professor

bio-behavioral approach to early mother-infant synchrony; oxytocin

Alfonso, Aixa | Professor

Regulation of Neuronal Polarity and Acquisition of Neuronal Fate in C. Elegans

Bongarzone, Ernesto | Professor

Pathogenic mechanisms affecting lysosome-autophagy; therapeutics for MS, Parkinson's and CTE

Chang, Chieh | Associate Professor

Mechanisms underlying neural circuit assembly and regeneration, and age-related neurodegenerative diseases

Chiou-Fen, Chuang | Associate Professor

Mechanisms of sensory diversity at molecular and neural circuit levels

Cook, Edwin | Professor

Neurodevelopmental disorders, Genetic research on child onset neuropsychiatric disorders

Roitman, Jamie | Associate Professor

Adolescent alcohol and cannabinoid use, decision-making, prefrontal cortex

Yoshii, Akira | Assistant Professor

Synapse formation, glutamate receptors, palmitoylation, autism, lysosomal storage disease, visual circuit