Anatomy & Cell Biology

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Alford, Simon | Professor

Mechanisms by which signal transuction pathways modulate neurotransmission and behavior; electrophysiology and live cell imaging

Art, Jonathan | Associate Professor

Electrophysiological and optical recording of hair cell physiology in the auditory and vestibular systems

Bongarzone, Ernesto | Professor

Pathogenic mechanisms affecting lysosome-autophagy; therapeutics for MS, Parkinson's and CTE

Brady, Scott | Professor

Axonal transport, neuronal cytoskeleton and pathogenic mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases

LaDu, Mary Jo | Professor

Protein biochemistry, therapeutic testing in transgenic mice; human trials using “mechanistic biomarkers” in AD

Lazarov, Orly | Professor

Cellular and molecular processes underlying cognition and cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease

Lysakowski, Anna | Professor

Anatomy and cell biology of peripheral vestibular sensory organs and their associated mitochondria

Morfini, Gerardo | Assistant Professor

Pathogenic mechanims, protein kinases in progressive neurodegenerative disorders

Sharma, Rajiv | Research Professor

Aspects of the schizophrenia illness: clinical presentations, biochemistry and molecular studies

Tai, Leon | Assistant Professor

Barrier and neuronal dysfunction in aging and neurodegenerative disorders

Yoshii, Akira | Assistant Professor

Synapse formation, glutamate receptors, palmitoylation, autism, lysosomal storage disease, visual circuit