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Abrams, Charles | Professor

Diseases of myelin, Gap junctions in glia, Axon-Glia interactions

Aleeca, Bell | Assistant Professor

bio-behavioral approach to early mother-infant synchrony; oxytocin

Alfonso, Aixa | Professor

Regulation of Neuronal Polarity and Acquisition of Neuronal Fate in C. Elegans

Chang, Chieh | Associate Professor

Mechanisms underlying neural circuit assembly and regeneration, and age-related neurodegenerative diseases

Chiou-Fen, Chuang | Associate Professor

Mechanisms of sensory diversity at molecular and neural circuit levels

Cook, Edwin | Professor

Neurodevelopmental disorders, Genetic research on child onset neuropsychiatric disorders

Feinstein, Doug | Professor

Pharmacological and genetic modulators of neuroinflammation: MS and AD

Grayson, Dennis | Professor

Interactions between environment and brain; epigenetic mechanisms and cortical development; psychiatric disorders

Richmond, Janet | Professor

C. elegans synapse assembly and ultrastructure, synaptic transmission, ion channel function, autophagy

Schonfeld, Dan | Professor

Signal Processing, Image and Video Analysis, Video Retrieval and Communications, Multimedia Systems, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging, and Genomic Signal Processing.