Psychiatric Disorders

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Ajilore, Olusola | Associate Professor

Pathophysiology of major depressive disorder using structural and functional brain connectivity to study the brain as a network

Aleeca, Bell | Assistant Professor

bio-behavioral approach to early mother-infant synchrony; oxytocin

Calik, Michael | Assistant Professor

Neuroscience of sleep and breathing; Interactions of sleep, metabolism, and exercise

Cook, Edwin | Professor

Neurodevelopmental disorders, Genetic research on child onset neuropsychiatric disorders

Dong, Erbo | Research Associate Professor

Epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol use disorder and mood disorder comorbidity

Feinstein, Doug | Professor

Pharmacological and genetic modulators of neuroinflammation: MS and AD

Grayson, Dennis | Professor

Interactions between environment and brain; epigenetic mechanisms and cortical development; psychiatric disorders

Herbener, Ellen | Assistant Professor

behavioral paradigms and functional imaging to identify mechanisms contributing to anhedonia and avolition in schizophrenia

Leow, Alex | Associate Professor

Developing probabilistic reconstruction, tractography, and network analyses techniques for high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) and their clinical applications

Maki, Pauline | Professor

Women’s health, hormones, menopause, pregnancy, depression, fMRI, Alzheimer’s, sex differences

Pandey, Subhash | Professor

Molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol addiction and comorbid psychiatric disorders

Pliskin, Neil | Professor

Memory disorders, neuropsychological symptoms of medical illness and in particular brain trauma

Ragozzino, Michael | Professor

Neurobiology of learning and memory, neurodevelopment disorders, neuropharmacology

Rasenick, Mark | Distinguished Professor

Neurobiology of depression and antidepressant action: G protein signaling and the cytoskeleton

Sharma, Rajiv | Research Professor

Aspects of the schizophrenia illness: clinical presentations, biochemistry and molecular studies

Smalheiser, Neil | Associate Professor

Biomedical informatics, data science, text mining, knowledge discovery, neuroscience, psychiatry, small RNAs