Sensory Neuroscience

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Art, Jonathan | Associate Professor

Electrophysiological and optical recording of hair cell physiology in the auditory and vestibular systems

Chiou-Fen, Chuang | Associate Professor

Mechanisms of sensory diversity at molecular and neural circuit levels

Cologna, Stephanie | Assistant Professor

Mass spectrometry, proteomics, lipidomics, neurodegeneration, lysosomal storage diseases

Hetling, John | Associate Professor

Application of neural engineering techniques and tools to vision science

Lysakowski, Anna | Professor

Anatomy and cell biology of peripheral vestibular sensory organs and their associated mitochondria

Malchow, Paul | Associate Professor

Modulation of neuronal activity by glial cells; Neuronal signal processing in the retina.

Park, Thomas | Professor

Comparative neurobiology, hypoxia tolerance; hypercapnia tolerance; pain tolerance; sensory systems

Patton, James | Professor

Robotic teaching, dynamic balance control, haptics, modeling of the human-machine interface, and robot-facilitated recovery from a brain injury

Reilly, Stephen | Professor

Neural mechanisms of learning, motivation and reward, emphasis on brainstem-forebrain interactions

Rosenblatt, Mark | Professor

Innovation and the translation of basic discoveries in the laboratory into relevant therapies for patients in the context of vision

Thatcher, Gregory | Professor

Synthesize biomemetics, novel compounds developed as probes of biological systems

Wang, Zaije (Jim) | Professor

Chronic pain; Drug addiction; Multiple sclerosis; Natural products; CNS delivery