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Synaptic Transmission

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Alford, Simon | Professor

Mechanisms by which signal transuction pathways modulate neurotransmission and behavior; electrophysiology and live cell imaging

Brodie, Mark | Professor

Alcohol action on the ventral tegmental area; chronic alcohol exposure and withdrawal

Gao, Ruixuan (Ray) | Assistant Professor

anatomy and (dys)function of the nervous system, such as ultrastructure of synapses, chemical profile of synaptic transmission, long-range neuronal connections, and pathological effects of misfolded proteins in neuropathological brains.

Gong, Liang-Wei | Associate Professor

Presynaptic calcium signaling and synaptic vesicle recycling

Richmond, Janet | Professor

C. elegans synapse assembly and ultrastructure, synaptic transmission, ion channel function, autophagy