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Brodie, Mark | Professor

Alcohol action on the ventral tegmental area; chronic alcohol exposure and withdrawal

Childs, Emma | Associate Professor

Addictive disorders; associative processes between abused drugs and cues in humans

Dong, Erbo | Research Associate Professor

Epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol use disorder and mood disorder comorbidity

Glover, Elizabeth | Assistant Professor

Neurocircuitry of reward & aversion; addiction; alcohol use disorder; top-down cortical control; prefrontal cortex; mood disorders

Grayson, Dennis | Professor

Interactions between environment and brain; epigenetic mechanisms and cortical development; psychiatric disorders

Pandey, Subhash | Professor

Molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol addiction and comorbid psychiatric disorders

Reilly, Stephen | Professor

Neural mechanisms of learning, motivation and reward, emphasis on brainstem-forebrain interactions

Roitman, Jamie | Associate Professor

Adolescent alcohol and cannabinoid use, decision-making, prefrontal cortex

Wirtshafter, David | Professor

Functional anatomy of the basal ganglia; midbrain raphe nuclei and motivated behavior