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Photo of Sevigny, Josh

Josh Sevigny

Graduate Student



Hello there, my name is Josh Sevigny. I am a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. I received my bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific University, majoring in Ecology and minoring in Psychology. My undergraduate research was focused in two areas. Under the guidance of Dr. Baine Craft, I studied foraging behavior, specifically risk-sensitivity. In Dr. Phillip Baker’s lab, I explored the neural circuitry involved in motivated decision making. After graduation, I had the privilege of working as a Research Associate at the Allen Institute, where I supported many ongoing projects within the Brain Science division, the Mindscope Program, and the Institute for Neural Dynamics. Here at UIC, I am excited to continue exploring my interest in the biological underpinnings of behavior. When I’m not in the lab, ideally, I am enjoying live music and craft coffee!


Advisor: Dr. Dennis Sparta

Selected Publications

Sevigny, J., Bryant, E., Encarnacion, E., Smith, D., Acosta R., and Baker, P. (July, 2021). Lateral habenula contributions to dynamic effort-based decision-making using a plus maze motivational task. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.